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Partnership with 'Sobat Kolong'

One of the best ways to equip children for the future is to make sure that they have an education. Sony Indonesia CSR Team realized that there are many street children in Indonesia who need education. Our team began with a community called “Sobat Kolong”. The objective of this program was to educate street children with basic lesson and observed what that community needed.
At the same time, this program was to implement “Share Your Believe” activity which is creating a community profile video. This could be used to introduce Sony Indonesia CSR Team. This program was meant not only to the people surround our team but also for our team itself because we were recruiting manpower to join this activity as a volunteer. As a volunteer, our team try to spread who Sobat Kolong is and get people surrounding to involved in making some actions to make street children better in some aspects such as education, living, recreation and also behaviour. All documentation on this program was supported by Sony products such as NEX-VG900 and also camera.
Pin Hole Camera Day

In the light of the spirit “Share Your Believe” on November, 18th 2014 we visited Sobat Kolong Community to be a part of their monthly activities. On this day, we were lucky to be a part of such a rewarding activity. Among the under privileged families across the Jelambar area there are also other member of community that spent a little of their precious time in order to support this activities. Watching the enthusiasm of the kids and other participant of this activity was an unbelievable experience for us and most importantly the kids. By doing this, we are not just helping the kids, but also contributing the future of the youth in Indonesia."