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Applicable Models

This information is for the following models:
  • MSH-M32N
  • MSH-128
  • MSA-16A
  • MSA-4A
  • MSH-64
  • MSH-32
  • MSA-8A
  • MSA-64A
  • MSH-M64N
  • MSH-128S2
  • MSA-32A
  • MSA-128A
  • MSH-M128N

About this download

Sony's "File Rescue Software" helps safeguard your most precious photos and videos.

Memory card file rescue is a leading-edge software that supports the latest file formats, helps recover data from your Sony memory media that may have been accidentally damaged or deleted.

What type of Sony memory media can be used with this software?

This software can be used on all Sony branded Memory Stick™ Memory Cards, SD Memory Cards, USB Flash Drives* and XQD Memory cards except:

  • Non-Sony brand Memory Stick™, SD Memory Card and USB Flash Drive
  • Sony brand Memory Stick™ Classic series (capacity up to 128MB)
  • Memory Stick™ for AIBO® Robot
  • Memory Stick ROM™ for electronic dictionaries or e-Book readers
  • Sony Brand microSD Memory Card for IP Security Camera
  • PSP® brand Memory Stick™ (Memory Stick PRO Duo™ or Memory Stick Micro™)
  • USM-SA3 series, USM-SA2 series, USM-SA1 series, USM-V series, USM-J series, USM-JX series, USM-H series, USM-EX-Turbo series, USD series, USM-FL series, USM-F series, USM-E Plus series, USM-E series, USM-D Plus series, USM-D series, USM-U2 series, USM-S(A)series, USM-S series, USM-C series, USM-B series, USM series

What type of files can be recovered?
This software supports recovery of JPEG(DCF), MPEG-1, MP4(MPEG-4, MPEG-4 AVC, XAVC S), AVCHD(ver.2.0) file, AVCHD 3D file, 3D photo (MPO), RAW photo, MOV movie, MXF movie(XAVC Intra, XAVC Long), other types of file*

*Game data, and content-protected music and movies are not supported
*Supports recovery of files stored in Sony's memory media products
*Recovered files will be stored in PC
*Some recovered files may not be playbacked by cameras or other devices, depending on the recorded conditions.

Software download
To download the software, refer to the following site.

File Info

Release Date

  • 2012-11-22

System Requirements

  • Windows 10;Windows 7;Windows 8;Windows 8 32bit;Windows 8 64bit;Windows Vista


  • To use this service, users will be forwarded to the Memory Card Support site, where you will need to enter your Memory Card Model Name and Serial Number (located on its reverse side) in order to download the software.