Kelvin Koh

Kelvin Koh

Kelvin Koh is the founder of Lightedpixels, a locally and internationally award-winning studio that is renowned in the region for wedding, personal and family portraits. It is also the only studio to be on Singapore Tatler’s “Best of Singapore” list for 13 consecutive years, since 2006. Kelvin is credited with popularising the wedding photojournalism style in Singapore and is widely sought after for his wedding destination shoots. His wedding works have inspired a generation of wedding photographers here and in the region and he is constantly a source of advice for young and upcoming photographers. Despite his busy calendar, he loves nothing more than to be with his family of five children whenever he can. 

What keeps you inspired as a Wedding Photographer? 

I would say it’s to be able to explore life through photography on a daily basis. I am also drawn to people and the relations we have. I love being a part of the celebrations and always feel privileged to be a part of something so personal. 

Describe your wedding photography style. 

I shoot in a journalistic manner although I do interact with the guests and the family. It is important for me to go about using my gear without attracting too much attention, or to have my presence affect the scenes. 

What are some challenges you face in Wedding Photography? 

There are many but for me, I need to remind myself why I am shooting the images that I do. Is this more for myself, or for the couples? That focus is what comes through in the best shots. 

What are the important details needed for Wedding Photography? 

I believe that capturing a moment and everything it represents is important. That is first and foremost on my mind. 

What camera and lenses do you shoot with? 

My equipment of choice is the α9, together with the SEL35F14Z, SEL50F14Z, SEL85F14GM and SEL70200GM. 

How does your equipment support you in your photography? 

My photography equipment has to be easy and comfortable to use, and yet have all the relevant features that would make what I do easier. At the same time, I must be confident that the camera is reliable and will not fail me at crucial moments during the wedding.

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