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3 Photographers Testify to Sony’s GM
Trinity Lenses

All good things come in threes. Even in the shooting realm of Sony.

Taking in consideration the needs of today’s photographers, Sony has formed a holy trinity of lenses for a shooting force to be reckoned with. They are the SEL1635GM, SEL2470GM and SEL70200GM.

The logic behind this divine ensemble is simple: The lenses collectively cover the entire range of zoom length. In other words, whether it’s a wide-angle landscape shot or a series of close-ups, the holy trinity has you sorted. 

Three skilled sharpshooters expound more on the trio.

Going wide with the SEL1635GM

The concern of compromised quality in extremely wide-angle shots is natural.

But rest assured with the FE 16-35mm F2.8 GM as it easily achieves shots from various angles and compositions in high corner-to-corner resolution. For instance, shooting at 16mm offers wide-angle establishing shots, while 35mm reveals a beautiful field of view when shooting a person up close.

“The extraordinary details produced by this G Master lens is capable of delivering a high-resolution picture with sharpness from the middle to the edge of picture,” reaffirms professional photographer Sandy Wijaya.

The lens’ further boasts two Sony XA (Xtreme Aspherical) elements for the balance of its legendary resolution, and smooth, beautiful bokeh. Weighing at 680grams, the lens is light and compact for high mobility, making it an ideal pairing for compact E-mount bodies.

Watch the video below to check out how Sandy Wijaya uses the GM trinity in travel photography.


The crowd-pleaser of the SEL2470GM

A test of a lens’ versatility is when its put through a wedding, where the environment is foreign and moments are unpredictable and fleeting. According to professional photographer David Soong, the FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM passes with flying colours, claiming the lens is a ‘must-have item’ for wedding photographers.

He continues: “This lens is equipped with a highly flexible focal length to capture moments that requires precise timing.”

Built with a cocktail of super features, the wide-angle to short telephoto lens’ versatility is matched with consistent performance throughout the zoom range. There is the constant F2.8 maximum aperture with selective focus control that helps the camera power through in low-light conditions. Elsewhere, wide angle of view opens the option of landscape photography. All in all, the standard zoom fits perfectly for a wide array of environments and lighting conditions.

Watch the video below for a glimpse of GM trinity lens in action at a wedding by David Soong.

Get incredibly close with SEL70200GM

The FE 70-200mm F2.8 GM OSS  lets you go the distance with all-encompassing optics of vast zoom range, innovative features, extraordinary G Master resolution and bokeh.

With the lens’ amazing focal length, David can capture candid moments from a distraction-free distance, a move that he noticed has made human expressions more natural in photos. Sandy, on the other hand, takes pleasure in the high resolution and sharpness of lens.

“I am able to create a perfect compression effect and a harmonious blend of both culture and the surroundings,” he says.

For fellow photographer Daniel Tjongari, the lens is able to ‘express what his eyes see’ when it comes to landscape captures.

“Shooting landscapes using telephoto angle in 200mm can provide the background compression effect,” he says. “This effect results in expressions which cannot be obtained from other angles.”

His shots are also a testament to the lens’ natural rendering capability, thanks its four ED and two Super ED glass elements that suppress chromatic aberration. This way, details are in maximum quality so that one can almost feel every curve, texture, and shape of a picture-perfect landscape shot.

The SEL70200GM is also king when close-ups are concern. With a 0.25x magnification in minimum focusing distance of 0.96m, the lens touts a floating focus mechanism that minimises blurness for extraordinary sharp close-up performance.

“With this focal length, everything can be poured into my stunning works,” he concludes.

Watch the video below to see how Daniel Tjongari captures stunning landscape shots with the G Master lens.


Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this publication are those of the author. They do not reflect the opinions or views of Sony Singapore.

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