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Hoang The Nhiem (Nhiem Hoang) is well known for his great landscape photos. In 1994, he left the maritime telecommunication business to pursue photography. For him, landscape photography is a depiction of the beauty of nature. In order to reach the moments that are not visible to everyone, his photography trips are a real discovery experience. Photographer Hoang The Nhiem is also one of the early users of Sony Alpha. After 25 years of shooting and exploring every corner of the country, his works show that an innovative camera with a high-quality image sensor in a compact body will be a good friend to the photographer. Good equipment will allow a photographer to expand their creative mindset and potential.

“The RX100VII is an indispensable assistant for me in photography because its compact size draws little attention to the subject captured. Plus, fast shutter speed and focus to capture every valuable moment when the camera is always available in your pocket.” 

Hoang The Nhiem Rediscovers Nature
with the RX100 VII

There is wanderlust in his blood and adventure in his heart even before Hoang The Nhiem became a travel-cum-landscape photographer.

Being in the maritime telecommunication business in his previous life, the Vietnam native was poised for worldwide explorations, often sailing across Asia where he was treated to unforgettable sights and experiences. This not only made him massively worldly, but also inevitably held him captive to nature’s beauty.

Venturing into landscape photography 

“Photography helps me to feel the delicate beauty of nature through the perspectives of each type of camera lens,” he shared. “At the same time, photography also shows me the beautiful moments of daily life that ordinary people often overlook.”

Capturing the world’s essence with the

Hoang The Nhiem’s stunning works are a testimony to the prowess of the RX100 VII’s high-quality image sensor. That being said, the camera’s build also plays a huge part in his photography process as well.

The RX100 VII's advanced eye-detection and tracking performance are the secret to beautiful portraits.

RX100 VII | FE 24-200mm F2.8-4.5 | 46 mm | 1/30 sec | F7.1 | ISO 100

“The RX100VII is an indispensable assistant for me in photography because its compact size draws little attention to the subjects captured during my trips,” the photographer elaborated.

He also recommends the camera to all types of photography, spanning street and documentary to travel and home.

From 20.1-megapixel image resolution to a wealth of pro features, the powerful shooter has helped the photographer capture diverse moments of his surroundings.

The RX100 VII boasts an updated 90fps Single Burst Shooting function that effectively captures action-packed, blink-and-miss moments, taking seven shots in rapid succession with up to 90fps. And what better way to put this function to the test than shooting a bird in mid-flight. Decisive moments can be difficult to freeze. But with the RX100 VII, it manages to capture the bird in motion, highlighting the texture and details of its feathered wing. 

Shoot photos continuously up to 20fps while the RX100 VII tracks subjects with AF/AE calculations at up to 60 times per second.

RX100 VII | FE 24-200mm F2.8-4.5 | 200 mm | 1/2000 sec | F4.5 | ISO 1,600

Shoot photos continuously up to 20fps while the RX100 VII tracks subjects with AF/AE calculations at up to 60 times per second.

Thanks to a large 1.0 type image sensor, the RX100 VII boasts low-light capability for darker situations such as night scenes and indoor shots. Hoang The Nhiem’s captures of local fishermen heading out to sea show the superb image quality of the RX100 VII, alongside realistic-looking textures due to low noise production. 

The RX100 VII brings remarkable telephoto capability to a pocket-size package, vastly expanding your options for creative expression.

RX100 VII | FE 24-200mm F2.8-4.5 | 27 mm | 1/15 sec | F3.2 | ISO 1,000

Shoot photos in low light with the RX100 VII's back-illuminated technology and an improved standard ISO range of 100-12800.

RX100 VII | FE 24-200mm F2.8-4.5 | 24 mm | 1/13 sec | F2.8 | ISO 2,000

Some of Hoang The Nhiem’s favourite subjects are of the elderly. With the RX100 VII, he captured this grinning fisherman, flaunting his catch of the day. His genuine facial expression is what draws you in, laughter lines and all, thanks to the camera’s Real-time Eye AF that detects and focuses on the human eye.

 He continues: “It is also very useful when approaching people for portraits because the focus is always on the eye, even when the 200mm focal length is used.”

The Soft Skin Effect reduces facial wrinkles and skin dullness, for better portraits.

RX100 VII | FE 24-200mm F2.8-4.5 | 26 mm | 1/125 sec | F3.5 | ISO 100

Versatility is something sought after by professional photographers. When it comes to focal length, the RX100 VII comes built with a 24-200mm zoom lens that covers a broad span of zoom ranges. This way, Hoang The Nhiem can play around with wide-angle shots to set the scene, or close-up to showcase portraits and subjects of interesting details.

Capture high-quality images with compensation for hand-held camera shake, even in dim lighting and at telephoto range.

RX100 VII | FE 24-200mm F2.8-4.5 | 24 mm | 1/100 sec | F2.8 | ISO 400

High levels of perceived image resolution and low noise contribute to superb image quality.

RX100 VII | FE 24-200mm F2.8-4.5 | 200 mm | 1/60 sec | F4.5 | ISO 1,250

A new way of shooting 

Creative fatigue is common amongst all creators. However, the compactness of the RX100 VII has helped Hoang The Nhiem cross this hurdle. In fact, he finds himself more active in sussing out interesting subjects to shoot as the camera is so convenient to bring around, especially during long days or strenuous adventures.

Hoang The Nhiem’s creative vision extends to making videos as well. From fishing villages to tribe encounters, documenting his life experiences is always in high quality with the RX100 VII’s serious movie-making features, such as 4K recording, Real-time Tracking and Real-time Eye AF and enhanced image stabilisation.

He concluded: “I am really enjoying all-in-one capability with pro features in this compact-sized camera. It helps taking photos very light and discreet.”

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this publication are those of Hoang The Nhiem. They do not reflect the opinions or views of Sony Singapore.

Hoang The Nhiem’s Gear:


Alpha 7R IV


FE 12-24mm F4 G


FE 24-105mm F4 G OSS


FE 100-400mm G Master