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Alpha 7S III: The supreme full-frame video experience

Whether you’re shooting solo or with a production team, discover how the Alpha 7S III is the perfect fit for all your video creation needs.

Professional grade video features

In this powerful short by Den Lennie, the Alpha 7S III showcases its supreme abilities by capturing a passionate surfer dedicated to his craft, set in Australia’s gorgeous Sunshine Coast.

With the ability to shoot in 4K at 120p and with a wide dynamic of more than 15 stops, the Alpha 7S III is able to capture the smallest detail whether you are shooting in natural light, artificial light or both as highlighted in the opening sunrise shot and of the surfer walking across the creek.

The camera is also able to shoot in full HD up to 240p so you can create dramatic slow-mo to highlight the beauty of the moment the way Den did with the surfboard was being sanded down. Plus, the camera’s 12.1MP sensor provides large pixels that ensure every shot is crisp and free of pixelation so every scene is crystal clear even in low-light situations.

The Alpha 7S III records up to 10 bit 4:2:2 colour sampling and a maximum of 600 Mbps with all intra-recording. This means you can get much cleaner footage as the colour around edges are more defined so you can shoot across a wide variety of scenes with different lighting worry-free. It also produces extremely high-quality footage, making it perfect for green screening.

Click here to view the high quality video.

Seamless workflow together with professional camcorders

Designed with Sony’s “One Mount” system in mind, the Alpha 7S III offers incredible flexibility as it allows you to use any of the 57 native E-mount lenses to create your vision. It makes upgrading, switching and sharing lenses across other Sony professional camcorders used in your production quick, cost-efficient and simple. Whether you are looking to create dreamy close-ups or sweeping landscapes, you can bring your imagination to life with ease.

The Alpha 7S III has improved colour science, S-Gamut3/S-Gamut3 cine, which makes it a good match with professional camcorders. Coupled with the 16bit RAW output with HDMI, production and post-production is a simpler, less stressful process.

Optimize crew size and production costs
Optimize crew size and production costs

The Alpha 7S III creates high-quality video in a compact system that allows for simple one-man setups without excessive external connections or accessories. It features Sony’s industry-leading autofocus system and allows you to easily manage real-time or touch tracking thereby reducing the need for an extra crew member to pull focus. The camera also has improved low-light performance with better noise control at ISO up to 409, 600.

Professional reliability
Built to perform

With a newly designed heat management system, the Alpha 7S III has five times better cooling and no recording limit. It is powered by Sony’s NP-FZ100 large capacity battery and lasts over an hour of continuous shooting in 4k 60p. Plus the camera is able to manage two CF-Express cards concurrently which supports large file sizes and intensive shooting with 4K 120p so you can enjoy, smooth uninterrupted shooting throughout your entire production.

Check out Den Lennie's experience with the Alpha 7S III.

About Den

Video Footages & contents are shot by Den Lennie. A video producer, business coach and marketing strategist with over 25 years of industry experience. He has written three books on the business of video, hosts a weekly podcast and has spoken on the subject at various events around the world.

Small Production

Highest video quality ever in an Alpha full frame

Shot by filmmaker Brandon Li on the Alpha 7S III, this clip captures the beauty and drama found in nature in supreme detail and crystal clear quality.

With its new 12.1MP sensor and a wide dynamic range of 15 stops, the Alpha 7S III can capture even the most minute detail in extreme low-light situations. With All-intra recording at 4:2:2 10 bit, you can capture the most subtle and smooth colour gradation even during night shots or in scenes lit naturally by temperamental stormy skies with little noise.

Made for creative expression

The Alpha 7S III shoots up to 4K 120p and full HD 240p which allows you to create slow-mo and extreme slow-mo moments to add a creative, dramatic touch to any shot such as wide-to-close ups.

The camera also features improved rolling shutter performance, almost three times better than its predecessor. This means panning shots are much smoother and there are fewer jitters when the camera is being moved. Coupled with an industry-leading autofocus system with improved 759 AF points, you can easily keep the subject in focus no matter how they move to create smooth action sequences.

Click here to view the high quality video.

Ideal for one man mobile operation

The Alpha 7S III is a compact full-frame system that makes it ideal for one-man productions. The fully articulating 360° screen helps you frame your shot from any angle. The handy-size is easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces, low or high angles, and challenges you to take the most adventurous shots possible.

The camera also features real-time tracking and eye-AF which work effortlessly together with a gimbal to get the creative shots you need without having to worry about pulling focus or needing a crew member to do so. Plus, the camera’s supreme low-light performance reduces the need for a lighting assistant.

Reliability on the go

Reliability on the go

The Alpha 7S III has a new heat management system that has five times better cooling and no
recording limit. Plus, it is powered by Sony's NP-FZ100 large capacity battery which lasts over an
hour even when you are continuously shooting continuous shooting in 4k 60p.

The camera is also the perfect companion even in the most challenging terrains as the weather
sealing protects it from heavy rain and moist environments.

Check out Brandon Li's experience with the Alpha 7S III.

About Brandon Li

Video Footages & contents are shot by Brandon Li. He have been traveling the world as a nomad for 7 years, making films about the people and cultures he encounter along the way. His minimalist approach to filmmaking allows him to get candid footage in a visually dynamic style. His videos have won Vimeo's Best of the Year, a Webby, and the Travel Video Awards. He’ve been featured by National Geographic, BBC, TIME, TEDx, and Smithsonian Institute.

Check out Alpha 7S III Panel Discussion with Den Lennie & Brandon Li

Cinema Line

A series of products that will deliver Sony’s coveted look in combination with the enhanced operability and reliability to meet different needs by various creators. Cinema Line extends beyond the basic cinema camera and professional camcorder form factors.

Cinema Line will give creators around the world the tools they need to capture emotion in every frame and unleash the true power of visual storytelling by using shared technologies across the range of cameras, enabling to focus back on the creative intent.

Existing products in the Sony range forming part of the Cinema Line include VENICE and FX9. The next step is a new model that will appeal to a wide spectrum of visual creators. Sony will be releasing and shipping this next addition to the range, the FX6 camera by the end of 2020.


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Next generation motion picture camera system with forward thinking full frame sensor, phenomenal colour science and user-friendly operation.


Stunning full frame cinematography, optimised for fast workflow

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