So immersive. So real.

360 Reality Audio

Immerse yourself in sound all around you. As real as if you are there at a live concert or with the artist recording in a studio. With 360 Reality Audio, music has never been so immersive and so real.

The 360 Reality Audio ecosystem

Sony provides a complete ecosystem for immersive music experiences. Our 360 Spatial Sound technology lets you build and experience immersive audio, on a range of platforms, content, and devices with 360 Reality Audio.

Explore 360 Reality Audio

If you’re looking for new directions in music creation, distribution, or simple enjoyment, there’s plenty to discover in 360 Reality Audio.

Guy playing guitar
Create in 360 Reality Audio

Discover workflows and tools to bring immersive music to life, in renowned professional studios and home studios.

Women listening to music
Experience 360 Reality Audio

Experience the immersion of 360 Reality Audio for yourself, on your choice of music and devices.

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Join us, in 360 Reality Audio

Interested in getting immersed? Find out more about the licensing programs for content distribution and hardware solutions.

Experience 360 Reality Audio

Experience 360 Reality Audio

Compare 360 Reality Audio and conventional stereo sound to understand how it sounds differently when you experience 360 Reality Audio with speakers and headphones.

Compatible music streaming services

Enjoy a growing library of 360 Reality Audio tracks, major artists frontline contents as well as legendary catalog contents, through our music streaming service partners.

How it works with headphones

Once you subscribe to a compatible music streaming service, you can enjoy 360 Reality Audio with your headphones and smartphones.

Streaming servce app
Download a music streaming service app to your smartphone
Streaming service
Subscribe to a premium music streaming service
Any headphones
Listen with any headphones
Upgrade your experience with personalisation

With 360 Reality Audio certified headphones and the Sony | Headphones Connect app, optimize your experience by analyzing your individual ear shape, and enjoy the ultimate immersive music experience.

How to personalise and enjoy immersive music samples

Headphones Connect
Download the Sony│Headphones Connect app and connect it to the Sony headphones
Capture and analyze
Capture images of your ears to create a personalised analysis
Artist Connection
Select and download the Artist Connection app to enjoy personalised immersive music samples
360 Reality Audio Certified Headphones/Neckband Speakers

Upgrade your music listening experience with 360 Reality Audio from some of the world's leading audio brands and products.

360 Reality Audio Certified Smartphone

Get 360 Reality Audio immersion on the go, with a Certified smartphone.

Headphones & Speakers Experience

360 Reality Audio can be enjoyed with both headphones or the built-in speakers, with automatic switching for spatial processing.

Headphones & Speakers Experience
360 Reality Audio Upmix
360 Reality Audio Upmix

With Sony’s 360 Reality Audio Upmix (360 Upmix) you can enjoy a spatial, immersive listening experience from regular stereo music and movie audio sources.

Easy Setting

The Personal Optimiser is available in the smartphone’s settings menu. With automatic support for all compatible music services and headphones, there’s no need to configure settings for each app.

Easy Setting
360 Reality Audio Certified Smartphones

Upgrade your music listening experience with 360 Reality Audio from some of the world's leading audio brands and products.

How it works with speakers

Subscribe to a 360 Reality Audio music streaming service and enjoy this new music experience with 360 Reality Audio certified speakers or Home Theater System.

Diagram of 360 Reality Audio connecting to devices on a wifi network

Connect your smartphone and 360 Reality Audio device to the same Wi-Fi network.

Amazon Music Unlimited, and Tidal logos

Download compatible music streaming subscription apps (Amazon Music Unlimited,, TIDAL) to your smartphones. 

Diagram showing connecting from a phone to devices using Cast

Tap the 'Cast' icon in your music streaming app to stream 360 Reality Audio device to your speaker or AV receiver with playback control from your smartphone.

Experience upgraded immersive sound with speaker systems

Upgrade your experience with 360 Reality Audio Certified speakers and home theatre systems. Music surrounds you, with authentic spaciousness just like listening to your favourite artist right in the recording studio or concert hall.

360 Reality Audio Certified Speakers/Home Theater Systems

Upgrade your music listening experience with 360 Reality Audio from the world's leading audio brands and products.

*Available music services vary by manufacturer and device. For details, please check the website of the collaborative partners.

Experience the Future of 360 Reality Audio

Bring new life to live music with 360 Reality Audio. Download the Artist Connection app and the app to have an experience of mind-blowing live performances with 360 Reality Audio. 

Artist Connection logo
Artist Connection

Download the Artist Connection app21 with your mobile device. logo

Download the app with your mobile device.

* Model availability may vary by regions

Sony Support for 360 Reality Audio Certified Headphones

Sony Support provides practical information about how to experience 360 Reality Audio technology with your Sony certified headphones. Visit the website and find everything you need to know about this new technology.

* Model availability may vary by regions

Music experience
Create your immersive music experience

Discover the workflow and tools needed to create music in 360 Reality Audio.

Join the ecosystem for content distribution and playback

Licensing for Service Providers and Hardware Manufacturers to become a part of 360 Reality Audio ecosystem.