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Error: Network connection error message appears when using the SideView feature.

TV SideView

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This error occurs when the TV SideView application is unable to control the Blu-ray Disc player. Try the following troubleshooting to resolve the issue:

NOTE: Some remote devices cannot properly connect to the Blu-ray Disc player when using a proxy. Because each of these steps represents a possible solution to this issue, check the status of the Blu-ray Disc player after completing each step.

  1. Check your network connections. Make sure that your remote device and Blu-ray Disc player are on the same local network.
  2. Restart your remote device Wi-Fi service connection.
  3. If your remote device is using a proxy, set the Proxy Setting to Off.

IMPORTANT: Follow the same troubleshooting if the TV SideView application cannot detect the Blu-ray Disc player.