Article ID : 00198554 / Last Modified : 27/04/2018

How do I install the device driver for the Micro Vault storage device?

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It is not necessary to install the device driver. As soon as the Micro Vault storage device is connected to a USB port on your computer, the system recognizes the device automatically and installs the device driver.

If the driver is not installed correctly, check the following.

  • Remove any other peripheral device(s).
  • Close all active applications

IMPORTANT: The Micro Vault storage device may not function properly if connected to a USB hub. Ensure the device is connected directly to the computer's USB port.

NOTE: During the installation process, the Windows operating system CD may be requested to complete the installation. If the operating system CD is requested on a computer other than Sony, insert the requested CD, or refer to the computer's manufacturer to find the location of the requested files.