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Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Privilege Movies 4K app.

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    What is Privilege Movies 4K? An application to watch 4K Ultra HD movies on 4K BRAVIA TV. You can enjoy five free movies by using special hard drive for Privilege Movies 4K.
    What are the movies in Privilege Movies 4K?

    The following ten movies are preloaded. You can choose and watch five movies in below lists.

    • The Amazing Spider-Man 2
    • The Amazing Spider-Man
    • Total Recall (2012)
    • Salt
    • Captain Phillips
    • Battle Los Angeles
    • Premium Rush
    • Moneyball
    • The Patriot
    • Ghostbusters
    Do I need a hard drive for watching Privilege Movies 4K?

    Yes, you need special hard drive for Privilege Movies 4K.

    Note: Please check your local promotion to find out more.

    Do I need to install the application for Privilege Movies 4K in my BRAVIA TV? No, you do not need to install the application.
    The Privilege Movies 4K application is displayed by connecting the special hard drive for Privilege Movies 4K to the TV.
    If the application is not displayed, make sure that the latest software has been updated using the menu of the TV. 
    Which TVs support  the Privilege Movies 4K app?

    Privilege Movies 4K app is supported by the following BRAVIA TV series:
    KD-xxX8500B series
    KD-xxX9000B series
    KD-xxX9500B series
    KD-xxS9000B series

    Note: The applicable models for 4K Privilege Movies promotion may differ depends on each country/region.

    Which countries or areas can use Privilege Movies 4K application?

    Applicable countries for Privilege Movies 4K application in Asia Pacific:

    • Australia
    • New Zealand
    • Singapore
    • Malaysia
    • Indonesia
    • Philippines
    • Thailand
    • Vietnam
    • Hong Kong
    • Taiwan

    Note: The Privilege Movies 4K promotion may differ depends on the country. The supported countries and areas might be changed without notice.

    How to unlock and playback movies using the Privilege Movies 4K Connect the hard drive to a compatible TV and access Privilege Movies 4K from the All Apps menu.
    Do I need to create my account to enjoy Privilege Movies 4K? Yes, you need to create a Privilege Movies 4K account.
    Is an Internet connection required to watch movies using Privilege Movies 4K? Yes, The 4K BRAVIA TV must be connected to an Internet connection.
    Can I use port replicator if USB cable for the HDD connection to BRAVIA TV is not long enough?

    If your TV is one of below series, please connect to "Port replicator(PTR-BR100)".

    KD-xxX9000B series
    KD-xxX9500B series

    Note: The length of USB cable which is bundled with the HDD for Privilege Movies 4K is one meter.

    Can I use other USB cable which is gotten from the market instead of bundled cable? It is not supported, please use bundled USB cable.
    Can I use USB hub device between the hard drive and the TV?
    It is not supported, please use bundled USB cable.
    Does the hard drive need a separate power supply? The hard drive can work with normal USB bus power. (The hard drive does not have power supply terminal.)
    There are two or more USB terminals on the 4K BRAVIA TV. Can I connect the hard drive to any USB terminal on the TV? Yes, you can connect the hard drive to any USB terminal on on the 4K BRAVIA TV
    How to disconnect the hard drive from 4K BRAVIA TV.
    1. Turn off the TV.
    2. After a few moments the blue led light on the hard drive will turn off.
    3. Disconnect the USB cable from the TV.
    I have two hard drives for Privilege Movies 4K, Can I connect the hard drives to the the same TV and access the Privilege Movies 4K content on both hard drives? The TV will only recognize one hard drive for Privilege Movies 4K.
    What will happen if a Skype call is received when watching a movie using the Privilege Movies 4K? As part of the normal operation of the TV, the Skype call will take preference over the movie being played.
    I cannot play the movies on the hard drive using the Media Player feature or the Discover menu on the TV. Privilege Movies 4K cannot be played via Media Player or Discover menu. These movies must be unlocked and played using the Privilege Movies 4K app.
    Which remote control functions can be used for Privilege Movies 4K playback?
    • Left arrow button: Rewinds the movie 5 minutes per one push.
    • Right arrow button: Forwards the movie 5 minutes per one push.
    • Double left arrow button: Rewinds the movie 30 seconds per push.
    • Double right arrow button: Fast forwards the movie 30 seconds per push.
    • Pause button: Pauses playback or releases the pause to continue playback.
    • Play button: Starts playback or release the pause to resume playback.
    • Stop button: Stops the move and returns to the menu.
    • RETURN button: Returns to a previous menu. If a movie is playing, it will stop the movie and return to the movie menu.
    Can I do slow playback or frame-by-frame playback? No, you can't do slow playback and frame-by-frame playback.
    How to stop movie playback and quit Privilege Movies 4K application?

    Press RETURN button once to stop playback.

    Press RETURN button twice or press HOME button once to quite the application.

    Is there resume function? Yes, Privilege Movies 4K application executes resume function automatically. When you play a movie from the menu, the movie will be played back from previous suspended point.
    Can I change menu language in Privilege Movies 4K application? Yes, you can change the language from "Display Language" in the application menu.
    Can I change subtitles language? How many languages are available in the application? Yes, you can change subtitles language from "Change Captions Settings" in the application menu. Supported languages may differ depends on the movie.
    Can I change the position of subtitles(upper side/lower side/right side/left side) on BRAVIA TV display? No, you can't.
    What is the pixel resolution of Privilege Movies 4K? The pixel resolution is 3840 x 2160.
    Is it possible to copy or move Privilege Movies 4K contents to another hard drive? No, it is not possible.
    Can I use Privilege Movies 4K with computer?

    No, you can't. It's not recommended to connect the Privilege Movies 4K hard drive to computer.
    The movies can only be played via Privilege Movies 4K app, which is not available on computer.
    WARNING: Formatting the hard drive on the computer will delete the movies and it cannot be recovered. Deleting, modifying or adding files to the hard drive may cause the preloaded movies not playable anymore.

    Where can I get a hard drive for Privilege Movies 4K? The hard drive is supplied as a promotional item for selected BRAVIA TV models. Please check your local Privilege Movies 4K promotion.
    Is there a limited time to watch Privilege Movies 4K? Yes, Privilege Movies 4K application will be expired on September 30, 2016.
    Note: The expiration date may change without notice.
    Can I purchase a movie from Privilege Movies 4K application? It is not possible purchase any of the movies from Privilege Movies 4K application. 

    As part of the normal operation, the Privilege Movies 4K application allows you to unlock a maximum of 5 movies of the preloaded movies.
    Can I download additional movies or are there plans to add more movies to the Privilege Movies 4K via network? At this time, there are no plans to add more movies to Privilege Movies 4K application.
    What personal data is collected during login to Privilege Movies 4K application? Privilege Movies 4K collects limited data to identify your account. No data will be shared with third parties. For a full list of data collected and rules for how it is used, please visit:
    I forgot my password. Please select Forgotten Password? in Privilege Movies 4K application menu. Privilege Movies 4K will send you an e-mail to retrieve your password.
    How to get to an exact point or skip an exact point in a movie. The minimum time for skip is 30 seconds, so you cannot skip shorter time than 30 seconds.
    Depending on the point that you are trying to get to, it may be skipped if it is shorter than 30 seconds.
    Unable to play movies using the Privilege Movies 4K app. The inability to play a movie can be caused by various reasons. Follow these troubleshooting steps.


    Applicable only for Australia and New Zealand

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    Can I use both HDD for Privilege Movies 4K and a recording HDD on a 4K BRAVIA TV at the same time?

    You can use both HDD for Privilege Movies 4K and a recording HDD at the same time. Please note that recording HDD must be connected to USB 2 port on 4K BRAVIA TV.

    Can the HDD recording start while Privilege Movies 4K application is being used? Yes, both recording function and Privilege Movies 4K application can be used at the same time.
    Is it possible to record TV programs to the Privilege Movies 4K HDD? No, you can't. If you register Privilege Movies 4K HDD to your BRAVIA TV as a recording HDD, the HDD will be reformatted, then you will not be able to watch Privilege Movies 4K.
    Can I execute "HDD Performance check" in BRAVIA TV settings? This diagnosis is for recording HDD, Please do not use it to the HDD for Privilege Movies 4K. If you do that to Privilege Movies 4K HDD, you will not be able to watch Privilege Movies 4K.
    Privilege Movies 4K contents disappeared after HDD registration on TV. Is it possible to recover the contents?

    HDD registration is that your TV register HDD as a dedicated HDD for recording.
    Do NOT execute HDD registration to HDD for Privilege Movies 4K.

    If user did the HDD registration to HDD for Privilege Movies 4K, the HDD will be formatted, then the contents in the HDD cannot be recovered.