Article ID : S500007992 / Last Modified : 11/04/2018

How to use MP3 Conversion Tool?

Using MP3 Conversion Tool.

    The MP3 Conversion Tool software converts ATRAC format audio files stored in the computer to MP3 format audio files.

    Applicable Models:

    • NWZ-A815 / NWZ-A816 / NWZ-A818
    • NWZ-S515 / NWZ-S516
    • NWZ-S615F / NWZ-S616F / NWZ-S618F


    1. Audio data purchased from a music distribution service on the internet cannot be converted.
    2. When converting ATRAC files to MP3 files, the ATRAC files are not deleted. ATRAC files can be deleted by setting on the Option. OpenMG Secure Module must be installed in the computer.
      • When OpenMG Secure Module is not installed, the following error dialog is displayed. 


    1. To download the MP3 Conversion Tool, please click here.
        - Filename (size): MP3ConversionTool.exe (2,939,224 byte)

    2. Double-click  MP3ConversionTool.exe to start the MP3 Conversion Tool.
        MP3 Conversion Tool will be displayed on the screen.

    3. Click Next

    4. Select the drive or folder containing the ATRAC files.

      Find all ATRAC files in My Computer or in folders inside My Computer, and convert them to MP3 format.
      Automatic search ATRAC files from My Computer or folders inside My Computer.

      Convert all ATRAC files in the selected folders and in folders inside the selected folder
       Users can specify drive and folder from tree view.

    5. Click Next.

    6. Select the folder to save the files to and bit rate for the MP3 files.
      Location for converted files
      When users click Browse…, tree view windows will appear. Select the folder to save the files.

      Bit rate
      Bit rate type: 96 kbps / 128 kbps / 160 kbps / 192 kbps / 256 kbps / 320 kbps

      Use the track names for the MP3 file names.
      When the following dialog appears, select Use the track title as the file name or Use the track number and track title as the file name.

      Delete the original ATRAC files after creating the MP3 files.
      When you select this is selected, the confirmation dialog appears twice. Then it starts to delete the original ATRAC file on the computer.

    7. Click Start to convert ATRAC files to MP3 files.

    8. Click Finish when the conversion ends.