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Can the VAIO computer support High Speed CD-RW media?

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Can the VAIO computer access CD-RW discs that are meant for High Speed writing applications?

Please refer to the user's manual of the VAIO computer to determine if it supports High Speed CD-RW media.
If there is a Compact Disk ReWritable High Speed mark listed in the "Usable disc" section of the manual, this means that the VAIO computer supports High Speed CD-RW discs.

Below are the features of the High Speed CD-RW media:
- They are CD-RW discs usable only with High Speed writing applications.
- Standard CD-RW drives cannot write data on them.
- Data written on the CD-RW discs can be read with CD-ROM, CD-R/RW and DVD-ROM drive supporting multi-read.
- Software supporting the media is also required.