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How can I find the specifications for the TV?

How to find basic TV information such as dimensions, weight, connection terminals, wall mount, etc.

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    Before you start

    Follow these steps to access your TV's product support page to get specifications and other model-specific information:

    1. Make sure you know your model name

    If you are unsure, refer to the How to find the model name, serial number, and system software version for a BRAVIA TV article.

    2. Search for the model name on the support site

    Type in your TV’s model name into the search bar on the Sony Support site. The full name should automatically appear in the auto-suggest menu, once you start typing. Click on the model to go directly to the product page, or click the search button to find the best possible matches, and choose a TV model.

    3. Go to your TV’s model page

    Once you’re on the TV’s product page, you can see the basic information about your TV model.

    Note: Also, by typing in keywords such as “picture” or “sound” in the search box, you can find related articles.


    Basic information such as dimensions, weight, and power consumption / Basic information related to Picture and Sound

    For basic specifications, refer to Specifications on your product page.

    Note:  A Specifications page may not be available depending on your model. In such cases, refer to the Reference Guide or Operating Instructions described in the next entry.

    Parts and Remote controls / Wall mounting

    For general wall mount installation information, parts and remote controls, refer to the Reference Guide or Operating Instructions on your product page. You can also refer to the Wall-Mount Bracket manual for detailed installation instructions if you are using Sony’s compatible wall-mount bracket.

    To check compatible wall mount brackets and screw hole distance measurement, refer to Wall mounting - compatible Wall-Mount Brackets and screw hole distance measurements for BRAVIA TV  article 

    Connection Diagram or Connecting terminals

    Refer to the Manuals (Startup Guide, Reference Guide, Operating Instructions, or i-Manual) on your product page.

    Note:  Which manual contains the connection diagram or connection terminals depends on the model. Below are examples.

    • For Android TV™ or Google TV™ models released in and after 2020: refer to the Startup Guide.
    • For Android TV models released in and before 2019: refer to the Reference Guide.

    Information about compatibility with other devices

    For basic information, refer to the Specifications on your product page.

    Note:  A Specifications page may not be available depending on your model.

    In addition, we have prepared some Questions & Answers about compatibility information. For example, you can check USB HDDs compatible with Sony’s TV in the article below.
    What types of USB HDDs (hard disk drives) are compatible with Sony's Android TV or Google TV?

    Software or apps

    • TV only software (For Android™)

    You can check the OS version of your TV on the HOME Menu. For how to check the OS version, refer to the What Android OS version does the Android TV/Google TV use? article.

    • Apps
      For Android TV and Google TV

      • Checking all installed apps
        You can check all of the apps installed (including pre-installed) on your TV using the HOME Menu.
        1. Open the Settings screen. How to access Settings
        2. The next steps will depend on your TV menu options:
          • Select Apps — Check See all apps. (Android 9.0 or later).
          • Select Apps — Check Downloaded apps or System apps. (Android 8.0 or earlier).
      • Checking apps available for installation
        You can check what apps can be installed on Android TV from the Google Play Store. There are two ways to check what apps can be installed on your TV.
        • Checking on the TV’s HOME Menu
        • Checking using a computer, tablet, or smartphone
        For the details, refer to the What apps are available on my Android TV? article.

    For other than Android TV

    You can check all of the apps on your TV on the HOME Menu. For the details, refer to the Checking all of the apps on the TV (For other than Android TV) article.

    Comparison of specifications between models

    Sony’s product site can help you compare specifications between the latest models. For details, refer to the article below.

    How can I compare Sony product specifications?

    Top features / Prices and where to buy

    Refer to Product Highlights on your product page.

    Note:  A Product Highlights page may not be available depending on your model.