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How to copy MP3, WMA, or LPCM/Linear PCM (.wav) files from a computer to the IC recorder?

    Copying MP3, WMA, or LPCM/Linear PCM (.wav) files from a computer to the IC recorder.

    WMA files on a computer hard disk can be copied to the IC recorder using Windows Explorer or Macintosh Finder.

    There are two ways to copy MP3 or LPCM/Linear PCM (.wav) files from a computer hard disk:

    • Using the supplied software Digital Voice Editor
    • Using Windows ® Explorer or Macintosh Finder

    The following steps are how to copy MP3, WMA, or LPCM/Linear PCM (.wav) files on the computer hard disk to the IC recorder using Windows Explorer or Macintosh Finder.

    1. Confirm that audio files user are going to copy are either MP3, WMA or LPCM/Linear PCM (.wav) files. *1
    2. Connect the IC recorder to the computer.
      On the Windows screen; the IC recorder is recognized as an IC RECORDER drive in My Computer". *2
      On the Macintosh screen; an IC RECORDER drive is displayed on the desk top. *2
    3. Click the IC RECORDER to open the drive.
    4. By drag and drop, copy files or folders which contain files to the drive IC RECORDER which user opened at the above steps 3.

    Drag and drop files

    1. Click and hold,
    2. drag,
    3. and then drop.

    *When the IC recorder is not recognized even if it is connected to the computer,
    Please click here