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[Windows Vista] How to manually create a System Recovery Point?

    [Windows Vista] How to manually create a System Recovery Point?


    System Recovery Point can be created manually in System Properties.

    This Recovery Point can be created independently according to the needs of users at any time. Especially before performing some actions which may lead to changes in the configuration, such as installing certain programs. The created System Recovery Point displays the creation date, time and appointed names in the System Recovery Schedule.

    Please refer to the following examples about the operation orders and categories. 

    [Windows Vista] How to perform a system recovery.

    1. Click Start and right-click Computer. Click Properties in the displayed menu.

    2. When View basic information about your computer appears, click Change settings.

    3. When the UAC message appears, click the Continue button.
    4. If the UAC message does not appear, please carry out the following steps.
    5. When the System Properties window appears, click System Protection and click the Create button in the pop up window.
    * When creating a Recovery Point, choose one of the discs displayed in Available Disks.
    6. When the System Protection window appears, input a name for the Recovery Point.

    7. A message stating that the restore point was created successfully appears. Click the OK button.