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[Windows Vista]How to use the software Compatibility function?

[Windows Vista]How to use the software Compatibility function?

    By activating the software Compatibility mode, the older version of software can run normally.

    For details, please refer to the following contents:

    According to different software, the software Compatibility mode may run abnormally.

    When it runs abnormally, this makes the software Compatibility mode ineffective. Take SonicStage for example, it may fail to launch if the following error message appears.

    Error Message:
    This application can not run under Microsoft Windows 95 (TM)
    (Error Code: 00004e34)
    * The information appears when SonicStage Ver.3.4 selects Windows® 95 by Compatibility mode.

    1. Right-click the shortcut of any application for context menu, select Properties.
    2. Click the  Compatibility label, and select Run this program in Compatibility mode for listed in the Compatibility mode column.


    3. Click and select one Operating System.


    4. To ensure the application runs normally, select one item listed in Settings column.


    5.Click the OK button.