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What is the Sports application and how do I use it in Windows 8?

What is the Sport application and how do I use it in Windows 8?

    The Sports application is a Microsoft preinstalled application for Windows 8 that allows you to obtain the most up-to-date information on your favorite sports team and players. Sports headlines, live scores, schedules, standings, and statics are available in this app.

    1. From Start screen, launch Charms by placing the cursor on the top right or bottom right hand corner.
    2. Select Search.
    3. Select Sports.
    4. The Sports application will launch and brings you to the Top Story.
    5. Scrolling to the right displays the following features:
      • News
      • Schedule
      • Favorite Teams
      • Magazine Articles
    6. Select Favorite Teams.
    7. Type in your prefer team and select Add.
    8. Your favorite team is displayed.
    9. Selecting your favorite team brings you detailed information such as the followings:
      • Top Story
      • News
      • Roster
      • Schedule
      • Team Leaders
      • Team Stats