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Device show error code 403 when login Google account to unlock myXperia, what can I do?

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    We apologize for any inconvenience.

    You may be facing a device lock issue due to myXperia protection. 


    Please try the following steps to unlock the device. 

    1. Check the protection status of myXperia on the screen displayed when you start the device. 
      Note: If the device is locked without the screen of myXperia, please try the following FAQ: I can’t unlock my screen (Android version 5.0 or higher).
    2. Tap the "Authenticate" button and records both Verification URL and User Code. 
      Note: Verification URL example: 
    3. Use another device (such as a PC) to access the Verification URL and enter your User Code. Then tap the “Next” button. 
    4. Once you are logged in to myXperia, please enter your registered email address for Google account authentication. Then tap the “Next” button. 
    5. Please enter the passwords for your Google account. Then tap the “Next” button. 
    6. If your Google account is successfully authenticated, you will see “The device has been connected”
    7. Please back to your device in the state of Step-2 tap “Submit“; confirm if the device is unlocked and then tap the “ACTIVATE” button.