Article ID : 00138447 / Last Modified : 30/03/2021

What types of 8K or 4K (50p/60p or 100p/120p) video signals are supported by the TV?

    IMPORTANT: 8K affected products are only Z9J, Z8H and Z9G series.

    Depending on the TV that you use, the supported types of video signals will be different. See below.

    For Z9J series

    For 2021 Google TV models (except for Z9J series)

    For Z8H and Z9G series

    For 2020 Android TV models (except for Z8H series), A9G, X85G (55/65/75/85), X95G, A9F and Z9F series

    For an Android TV other than the above

    For 2014 BRAVIA