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Why do the TV channels change after updating to the latest software and performing digital auto tuning?

    You will encounter this behavior where the channel which was originally tuned as 001, 002, 003 which is now re-order to 800, 801, 802 after updating to the latest software and performing Digital Auto Tuning.

    This TV specification change is due to the new regulation* issued by Ministry of Communication and Information of Indonesia which all TV Manufacturers are required to change the order.

    Although the channel numbering/ordering (from 800, 801, 802...) is set-up by TV broadcaster side, it is possible for you to change the channel ordering according to your preference.

    To change the ordering, use the Programme List Edit Function in Setting** menu as below:
    [Channel Set-up] -> [Digital Set-up] -> [Digital Tuning] -> [Programme List Edit]

    *The specific regulation is KOMINFO NOMOR 4 TAHUN 2019
    ** For model specific information regarding any of the features or settings discussed in this article, refer to the supplied operations manual.