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How to use the Self Diagnostics option

    IMPORTANT: This article only applies to specific products. Please check the Applicable Products of this article.

    The Self Diagnostics option is a set of diagnostic features that are built into the Help or Customer Support menu of the TV to help customers diagnose and resolve basic setup and configuration issues.

    NOTE: Steps may differ depending on the model and software version. For details on how to start the Self Diagnostics test, see the Help Guide or operating instructions supplied with the device.

    How to perform the Self Diagnostics

    The following are examples of how to start the Self Diagnostics test. Choose your TV model type from the following.

     For Android TV™ and Google TV models

     For 2014 models

    If the issue persists

    Try the following.

    • Reset (restart) the TV.
    • Check and try Software updates. For information on how to update, refer to the How to perform a software update article.
    • For pictures and sound symptoms: If you did not observe any problems with the test pictures and sound, the TV is functioning correctly. If you are experiencing picture or audio issues while using an externally connected device, verify the physical cable connection between the TV and the device as well as the external device settings.