Elevate your vlogging

Three things you should know about ZV-1F
Image of a person using the ZV-1F
One: Designed to be your first vlogging camera

If you want to start vlogging but don't know where or how, then ZV-1F is the perfect camera for beginners. The ZV-1F is designed to make vlogging simple for everyone, while offering stunning video and sound quality.

Two: Turn your moments into a story

The ZV-1F is perfect for taking your vlog up a notch from smartphone shooting. With ultra-wide-angle lens, colour tone, background bokeh, and great audio it'll help you turn every day into a story.

Image of a person using the ZV-1F
Three: Designed for easy vlogging

The ZV-1F is designed for easy vlogging and takes care of the complex camera stuff so that you can just be your best. With the ZV-1F, capturing impressive videos doesn't require complicated operations or knowledge - just point and shoot.

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