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Gaming Gear

INZONE H9 x VCT Selected Video Transcript

This is a short highlights video for Sony INZONE, Official Gaming Headset Partner of VALORANT Champions Tour.

An INZONE logo appears from a burst of blue and purple light rays, and is animated with images of the INZONE H9 headset and the VCT23 logo.

A title reads “The Official Gaming Headset Partner”.

Energetic EDM background music plays.

Large titles “INTO YOUR ZONE” are interspersed between shots of a gaming stage, with competitors entering a colourfully lit and high contrast arena.

They sit in groups of four at wide, curved desks in front of PC gaming rigs.

A series of short gaming scenes are shown, with a small live video of the gamers in overlaid picture windows, as they concentrate intently on eliminating competing players.

Scenes show team and audience members shocked and celebrating victories.

The sound of cheering increases as the background music continues.

Teams are shown hugging each other and celebrating for the audience, followed by a wide shot to capture the fireworks and celebration on the gaming stage during the award ceremony.

A lock-up logo of INZONE and VCT23 transition to an animated Sony logo.