In line with our global CSR philosophy "For the Next Generation", Sony actively engages in a myriad of activities in the local communities in which we operate in, to help shape a better and more sustainable society. Here in Indonesia, we foster positive relationships with local organizations to address the local needs and have a positive impact on the community.

Next Generation

For the Next Generation

Under the theme "For the Next Generation", Sony focuses on providing children with various opportunities in areas such as science, music, film and photography, aiming to help children realize their dreams and unlock their fullest potential.

For the Next Generation in Indonesia

To encourage Indonesian children dare to dream and widen their horizon, Sony Indonesia has carried out CSR programs involving employees as volunteers since 1995. One of the many CSR programs in Indonesia was “Science Day: IC Recorder Workshop” that was held in 2015 at SDN 12 Pagi Bendungan Hilir.

Next Gen in ID
Recorder Workshop

Science Day: IC Recorder Workshop 

With the belief that science should be taught through a hands-on and minds-on approach, on 29 April 2015, Sony Indonesia went to SDN 12 Pagi Bendungan Hilir and taught 30 students how to assemble an IC recorder using an IC Recorder Kit from Sony Japan.

Presenting: “Dengon-chan”

With the guidance of Sony volunteers, the children excitedly assembled the recorder using parts and equipment available in the kit. In the end, the students proudly presented their creation: "The Dengon-chan" and took a picture using Sony Action Cam.

Science Day

Fun at Science Day 

The science workshop succeeded to instill curiosity towards science amongst the children and give them a glimpse of the benefits of science. They got the chance to learn about science the fun way. We, at Sony Indonesia, want to help children dream big and aim high. We do this for the children, for the next generation!

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Sony Corporation

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