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Can movies recorded with the camera be transferred to a mobile device?

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MP4 movies can be transferred to mobile devices. On the other hand, AVCHD movies or XAVC S movies cannot be transferred to mobile devices.

The available movie recording format differs for each product.

The PlayMemories Mobile software (Ver. 2.0 or later) for mobile devices can handle still images and MP4 movies.

Other Contents

  • 3D images shot using a 3D-compatible camera can be transferred as JPEG files (2D).
  • JPEG still images (Original, 2M and VGA) can be transferred. You can change the size of images transferred from the camera using the settings menu on your mobile device.
  • Types of images that can be shot varies depending on the model.
  • For details on supported Operating Systems and required operating environment, refer to the following website.
    PlayMemories Mobile support page: