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How to connect wireless subwoofer (SWF-BR100) to TV?


    1. Connect the audio cable (supplied) to the Wireless Transceiver.

    2. Connect the other end of the audio cable to the AUDIO OUT/Image jack (socket) of the TV.

    3. Connect the Wireless Transceiver to the USB port of the TV.
      Headphone/Audio Out is automatically set to Subwoofer.
      Note: The wireless transceiver may interfere with other terminals on TV physically, depending on the position of USB terminal you connected.

    4. Position the Wireless Subwoofer and connect it to the AC power.
      Note: It is recommended that the Wireless Subwoofer be placed as close as possible to the TV.

    5. The subwoofer will automatically turns on and the Image indicator lights in green when the TV is turned on.