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Are there any restrictions on the use of Silent Shooting mode (electronic shutter), and is there a difference between Silent Shooting images (electronic shutter / mechanical shutter) and images taken in normal shooting?

    There are some restrictions on the use of Silent Shooting. In addition, there may be differences between images taken in Silent Shooting mode and images taken in normal shooting mode.

    • Restrictions on the use of Silent Shooting mode:

      Note: Supported functions vary depending on your camera. For details, refer to your product's manual.

      • Silent Shooting can only be selected when the shooting mode is set to P/A/S/M (or P/A/S/M/AUTO on the ILCE-1).
      • Flash cannot be used. (except ILCE-1)
      • The minimum ISO sensitivity is ISO100. (except for the ILCE-1, ILCE-7SM3, ILCE-7M4, ILCE-7RM5, ILCE-7C, ILCE-7CM2, ILCE-7CR, ILCE-6700, ILME-FX3, and ILME-FX30 models)
      • The following functions cannot be used:
        • Auto HDR
        • Picture Effect
        • Picture Profile (except for the ILCE-1, ILCE-7RM4ILCE-7RM4A, LCE-7SM3, LCE-7M4, ILCE-7RM5, ILCE-7C, ILCE-7CM2, ILCE-7CR, ILCE-6700, ILME-FX3, and ILME-FX30 models)
        • Long Exposure NR
        • Front Curtain Shutter Off
        • S. Auto Img. Extract.
        • BULB
        • Multi Frame NR.
        • Shooting with remote release when FA-WRC1M Wireless Radio Commander is attached to the Multi Interface Shoe
        • Anti-flicker Shoot. (except ILCE-1)
        • Mechanical Shutter
      • With the ILCE-7RM2, Continuous Shooting is not allowed.
      • With the ILCE-6300 and ILCE-6500, only Continuous Shooting: Lo can be selected for continuous shooting.
      • Silent Shooting is turned off when you shoot using functions downloaded from the PlayMemories Camera Apps website. You can select Silent Shooting with some applications. To reactivate Silent Shooting, first launch an application, then select MENUCustom SettingsSilent Shooting on the shooting screen.
      • The time it takes from start-up until you can shoot takes approximately 0.5 seconds longer than usual.
      • Even if you set Silent Shooting to On, it will not be completely silent. There will still be operating noise from the aperture and focus.
    • About taking pictures in Silent Shooting Mode.

      Notes: Shooting results will vary depending on the camera model and camera settings.

      • Distortion in the image can be caused by the movement of the subject and the movement of the camera body.
      • If you shoot when there is a momentary burst of light (for example from the flash of another camera) or under flickering fluorescent lighting, it sometimes produces light and dark bands or yellow striping may occur in the image.

        Note: Regarding the two points above, this is caused by the difference in exposure timing by the electronic shutter at the top and bottom of the photograph.

      • During low-sensitivity Silent Shooting, if you shoot an overexposed image with an extremely strong light source such as sunlight, the high-brightness parts of the photograph might appear dim. To prevent this, shoot at the proper exposure, or increase the sensitivity setting.