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I cannot hear TV sound from the AV receiver connected to a cable box. (With HDMI cable)

How should I connect the cable box?(With HDMI cable)

    TV sound is not output if the connection and settings of other devices are incorrect. Check the connection and settings by the following steps:

    1. Connect the HDMI cable from the cable box HDMI OUT to the AV receiver HDMI SAT/CATV.
    2. Connect another HDMI cable from the AV receiver TV OUT to your TV HDMI IN1.
    3. Change the function of the AV receiver to SAT/CATV.
    4. Set the INPUT of your TV to HDMI1.
    5. At the AV receiver, set Audio Output to Speaker or Speaker+HDMI.
    6. At the TV, set TV Speakers output to Audio System.