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Android TV does not work properly after software update.

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  1. If the issues below occur, first try these solution procedures .
    • The HOME button on the remote control does not work or the Home screen does not display
    • Sound cuts out regularly
    • TV enters demo mode
    • Program guide does not display or is outdated
    • Recording cannot be performed (*)
    • Recorded titles disappeared from the title list (*)

      (*) Recording function is only available for certain models and countries/regions.
  2. If the issues are not resolved even after trying step 1, or if other issues occur:

    A power reset or a Factory Data Reset may resolve your issue. Read the following and try resetting the TV.
    How to perform a reset or a Factory Data Reset on an Android TV

Examples of issues after updating:

  • Repeating reboot.
  • TV does not turn on.
  • Flashing LED.
  • Network error occurs.
  • Channels are not shown.
  • Connected external HDD is not recognized.
  • Noise occurs on the image recorded on an external HDD.
  • No sound or no pictures.
  • The remote control does not work.
  • TV freezes.
  • Improper behavior occurs, or TV’s behavior is unstable, etc.



If the issue is still unresolved after performing a reset or a Factory Data Reset, service may be required.