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How do I reduce image retention or non-uniformity on the screen? (OLED TV)

    After using the TV, use the TV remote control Power button to turn the TV off and leave it off for one night. It is recommended that you perform this operation every time you use the TV.
    Note: Do not unplug the AC cord or cut off the power supply.

    You can also reduce image retention by performing the following Panel Calibration as if the TV was turned off overnight:

    1. On the remote control, press the Quick Settings (spanner or gear) button.
    2. Select SettingsSystemRetail mode settingsPicture reset modeOn.
    3. Turn the TV off and then back on using the AC power.
    4. Before running the Panel calibration, a dialog will appear on the screen. Start the Panel calibration from this dialog.
      • If Picture reset mode is On and you disconnect and reconnect the power cord and then turn on the TV, it will go into standby for approximately 10 minutes to perform the Panel calibration. After Panel calibration is complete, the power will restart and display the TV screen.
      • After this operation, set Picture reset mode back to Off.