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What to do if CPU performance deteriorates when setting the fan to Level 1?

    The performance slows down after setting CPU Fan Control to level 1 (Mute) in PowerPanel and VAIO Power Saver.

    Please refer to the steps below when using PowerPanel.

    1 .  Right-click PowerPanel in the notification area, and then click Change/Create Configurations.

    2.   Set CPU Fan Control to Level 1 (Mute).

    This sypmtom is performing as per specifications.

    When the CPU fan control is set to  Level 1 (Mute), the CPU thermolysis will slow down, which results in slowing down of CPU performance.

    Please adjust the settings of CPU fan to obtain the corresponding CPU performance.

    Reference information
    The following information will display in the Help of VAIO Power Saver.

    There are five levels from Level 1 (Mute priority) to Level 5 (thermolysis priority). The smaller the value is, the lower the noise becomes.
    In addition, if user turns down the values, the CPU performance will slow down and the software that occupies large amount of resource will run slowly.