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Windows Me: I cannot install Microsoft Software Package.

    I will receive the following error message when I?@try to install Microsoft Software Package (Awfax.exe) from Microsoft Windows 98 CD-ROM to Windows Me preinstalled machine.

    [This program is incompatible with this version of Windows. To exit, click Cancel. For more information, click Details. ]

    When I click the [Details] button, I also receive the following Help Topic error message.

    [Important! Microsoft Fax is not compatible with this version of Windows. If you install this program on a computer running Windows Millennium Edition, your computer may stop responding. ]

    Microsoft Fax is not supported in Windows Me.
    The Microsoft Fax Windows Messaging (also known as "At Work Fax" or "MS Fax") component from Windows 95 is not supported in Windows Me.
    Using Microsoft Fax on Windows Me may cause some error or data loss.
    Microsoft Fax is a component that tested and developed for Windows 95.
    There is no test or development for this component has been done for Windows Me.
    Therefore, Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS) does not support for Windows Me to use this Microsoft Fax.

    Microsoft Reference:
    Q258689: Microsoft Fax Not Supported on Windows Millennium Edition