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How to create the DVD menu window using Click to DVD?

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Creating DVD menu window using Click to DVD.

This can be done by changing the settings of Create Menu. Please follow the steps below:

1. Start Click to DVD.
2. Click Create Menu.
3. Click Menu Screen Select.
A. To change Theme
Click Theme and select a desired theme.

Note: If the theme is changed, the title will also change to the title which is input on the start window.

B. To change Background Music
Click Background Music and select the BGM option.
If background music is not required, disable the BGM option.

C. To set Text
Click Text and set the desired text.

D. To set Slide Show
Click Slide Show and change to the desired settings.
For further details on the settings of the slide show, please refer to Creating an Album in the Help section.

E. To change Chapter Menu shown on the menu window
This is to change the Video Menu or Picture Menu settings.
Click Chapter and select a desired image of the chapter menu.