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What are some points to note when using OpenMG Jukebox?

    Points to note when using OpenMG Jukebox.

    In accordance with the regulations of SDMI (Secure Digital Music Initiative), OpenMG Jukebox contains the copyright protection technology - OpenMG to protect music copyright. OpenMG Jukebox has been developed to provide users with an environment where they can easily enjoy music by facilitating the distribution of audio files through the Internet.

    Some points to note when using OpenMG Jukebox on VAIO computers:
    1. OpenMG Jukebox records audio files by encrypting them to the hard disk. Once encrypted, the files cannot be moved/copied to another folder, drive and computer for playback.
    2. To purchase audio files with the use of the EMD service, connection to the Internet is required.
    3. To back up or restore the recorded audio files, OpenMG Jukebox Backup Tool is required.
    4. To back up or restore the recorded audio files, connection to the Internet is required for authentication purposes. Backup of recorded audio files must be done at a time.
    5. Audio files cannot be recorded to the hard disk through a plug-and-play interface.
    Examples of plug-and-play interfaces such as a USB, i.LINK (IEEE1394) and a PC card. An audio CD cannot be created with the CD-ROM drive connected to i.LINK, USB and a PC card.
    6. To use the EMD (music distribution) service supporting OpenMG with OpenMG Jukebox, EMD Key and a program from the dedicated web site on the Internet is required to be downloaded first.

    Some points to note when using OpenMG Jukebox through a portable player:
    1. The audio files recorded from an audio CD can be checked-out to a maximum of 3 portable players that support OpenMG.
    2. The audio files checked-out to a player can be checked-in only to the VAIO computer from which they were checked-out.
    3. The audio files distributed through the EMD service have their own limitations on whether they can be checked-out or on the number of units they can be checked-out to. Therefore, the maximum number of units stated above may not be applicable.