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How to reinstall the original software in the VAIO computer using VAIO Recovery Utility?

    Reinstalling the original software in the VAIO computer using VAIO Recovery Utility.

    Please refer to either of the following steps depending on the software to be reinstalled.

    Not all original software in the VAIO computer can be reinstalled seperately (for example Norton Antivirus, Record Now 7!, Adobe Premier...).
    -  The performance of the software cannot be guaranteed after reinstallation because its original status may have been changed. For more information, please refer to the Readme file of the VAIO Recovery Utility.

    Method A:

    1.  Click Start and select All Programs.
    2.  Select VAIO Recovery Tool and click VAIO Recovery Utility.
    3.  Select Options, select Recover specific applications that were preinstalled and click OK.

    4.  Click Yes twice to start Options Tool.
    5.  Select the software to be reinstalled, click Install and follow the on-screen instructions.

    6.  Click Exit to close the VAIO Recovery Utility dialog box.

    Method B:

    Important:  To perform this step, an Application folder must exist in the VAIO folder. The VAIO folder can be located in the Recovery Disc or the Support folder. Please <a href="/support/faq/"