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Why does Search Result Windows Explorer start when double-clicking a folder?

    The Search Result Windows Explorer starts instead of the normal Windows Explorer when double-clicking a folder.

    Sony is still investigating the cause of this symptom. (As of May 30, 2002). The following procedure may overcome this symptom. However, Sony does not guarantee it works for all environments.

    1. In Control Panel, start Folder Options.
    2. Click the File Types tab.
    3. In Registered file types, select N/A(Extensions) File Folder(File Folder) and click Advanced.
    4. In Action:, double-click any empty area and ensure that find is not being highlighted.
    5. Click Set Default. (The word find should not appear bold.)
    6. Click OK twice.

    Alternatively, in Edit File Type, user can click New. Then in the Application used to perform action text box, type C:\window's root directory\explorer.exe.