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How to create a video DVD in VR mode using Click to DVD?

    Creating a video DVD in VR mode  using Click to DVD.

    Please refer to the following steps to create video DVD in VR mode.

    1. Click VR Mode.

    2. Connect an external device to the computer.
    * When connecting to a digital camcorder, set the power of the device to Play/Edit or VCR/VTR.
    * When connecting to an analog video device, turn on the power of the device.

    For details on connecting the device to the computer, please refer to the user manuals provided with the device and computer.

    3. Select the connection method to the computer for the external device. (i.LINK or analog connection).
    4. Type in the DVD title.
    * If the DVD title is to long, some playback devices may only display part of it.
    * Depending on the playback device, the title users enter here may not appear.

    5. Click Create DVD.