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Any firmware update for Memory Stick Pro?

    Memory Stick PRO Firmware Update Program

    The latest Memory Stick PRO Firmwareupdate program is available.

    In the Downloads section, please select Notebook and proceed with the steps below:
    1. Move the cursor to the relevant Notebook Series and click the model of the VAIO computer.
    2. Locate Memory Stick PRO Firmware Update Program and proceed as per instructions on the screen.

    This program upgrades VAIO Notebook models with the Memory Stick Drive to read and use Memory Stick PRO media.

    Note: Some restrictions may be present even after installing this update.
    1. The high transfer rate of Memory Stick PRO is not supported in current VAIO computers.
    2. Recording and playback of music files that uses the MagicGate technology of Memory Stick PRO is not available.
    3. Formatting Memory Stick PRO requires a special formatter program. Windows formatting command is not supported.
    Please download and install the Memory Stick Formatter Program.