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[Windows Vista] How to add tags and modify ratings?

    [Windows Vista] How to add tags and modify ratings?


    In Windows Vista, to search or organize files in a more convenient way, user can add tags or ratings.

    *About the search function of Windows Vista, please see [Windows Vista] Brief of Windows Vista

    *Start to operate in Windows Photo Gallery, please see [Windows Vista] How to use Windows Photo Gallery to add tags in pictures and videos


    ■ How to add tags.
    1. Open the saved folder which contains the file to add tags. 

    2. Click the file which the tag is to be added.
    3. After the following file contents are displayed, click Add tags.

    *When file contents are not displayed, click Organize -> Lay out, and click Detailed Pane.

    5. Input any tag name, and click the Save button.

    To delete the added tags, please click the tags to delete, and click Save after deleting them.

    ■ How to add a rating
    1. Open the saved folder which contains the file to add a rating.
    2. Click the file to add a rating.

    3. Click to assign a star rating.

    4. Confirm that any Star assigned is displayed in yellow and click the Save button.