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[Windows Vista] How to change the automatic scan settings in Windows Defender?

[Windows Vista] How to change the automatic scan settings in Windows Defender?

    In the initial settings of Windows Defender, the computer is set to automatically scan for Spyware.
    • Frequency: Daily
    • Approximate Time: 2:00
    • Type: Quick scan
    The above settings can be modified as needed.

    How to confirm whether to install Spyware①      

    Please refer to the steps below to change the Spyware scanning settings.

    1. Click Start  -> All Programs.

    2. Click Windows Defender.

    3. When Windows Defender appears, click Tools.

    4. When Tools and Settings appears, click Options in the Settings category.

    5. Confirm that Automatically scan my computer (recommended) has been selected. The settings of Frequency, Approximate Time, Type can be changed.

    Select from the following items

    •   Frequency 

    Daily or any day from Sunday to Monday can be selected.

    • Approximate Time

    Any time from 0:00 to 23:00 can be selected.

    • Type

     Quick Scan or Full system scan can be selected.

    * Quick scan: checks the places on the computer’s hard disks that spyware is most likely to infect.

    Full system scan: checks all files on the hard disk and all currently running programs.


    7. When the settings are completed, click the Save button.
    8. When the User Account Control message appears, click the Continue button.
    9. If the User Account Control message does not appear, please refer to the following steps.
    10. After changing the settings, please return to the Tools and Settings window.

    Now it will scan automatically according to the settings.

    Spyware①: Spyware is computer software that obtains information from a user's computer without the user's knowledge or consent and transmits it to a designated source.