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Why does my Xperia calendar not show local national holidays of 2018?

    Since 2016 products (Xperia X series and onwards) Xperia smartphones use the Calendar app from Google. Xperia products before 2016 use the Xperia Calendar app. Some national holidays for 2018 might be missing in the Xperia Calendar app of those phones.To add the national holidays to your calendar we recommend the following workaround.

    To add national holidays to the Calendar app from Google

    1. Add a Google account to your device.
    2. Download and install Google Calendar (Google Calendar version: 5.8.20-19236-release) from Google Play.
    3. Find and tap the (Google) Calendar app.
    4. Drag the left edge of the screen to the right.
    5. Tap Settings > Holidays > Add country holidays.
    6. Mark the checkbox for a country of your choice, then tap OK.

    Affected Xperia devices and software versions

    • All devices with the Xperia Calendar installed (pre-installed or installed later).