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What are Looks in Cinema Pro?

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    A Look is a preset colour management setting, emulating the tools used by professionals in monitoring and post-production. Choose between eight Look options in Cinema Pro to bring out the mood and expression you are aiming for when shooting a scene.

    Tip: In Cinema Pro in Xperia 5, tap the Settings button (three horizontal lines in the top right corner) > Tutorial to learn more about Looks and other features.

    Look options


    A low contrast hue, great for natural skin tones and a cinematic feel. Similar to the s709 monitoring look found in Sony’s professional VENICE camera.


    Strong blue and yellow chroma gives a lyrical and pensive impression.


    Proper chroma of blue and strong yellow creates a plain and naturally gentle atmosphere.


    Gives a soft and warm atmosphere with a sepia tone, suitable for retrospective and flashback sequences.


    Strong contrast and a cold bluish hue gives a futuristic Sci-Fi expression.


    Light blue-based colour brings out a refreshing atmosphere.


    Drama-style Look with a modest chroma and a hard tone.

    Soft Monochrome

    Black and white with a dark effect, for setting a film noir mood.


    For shooting without specific colour management.