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How to use Google Assistant

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific countries/regions/languages that support Google Assistant. For applicable countries/regions/languages, refer to the following article: Supported countries/regions/languages and how to use Google Assistant

    For Frequently Asked Questions, see the following.
    Frequently Asked Questions for Google Assistant

    Q1: What is Google Assistant and how does it work?

    Meet Google Assistant: it’s your own personal Google, always ready to help, and is now available on Android TV™ and Google TV™ devices. With Google Assistant built-in, you can ask Google Assistant to play your favorite movie or TV show, check the score of your favorite team, control your TV, dim the lights, and more - using just your voice.

    How to start using Google Assistant

    Note: To check the type of your TV, refer to the How to check if your BRAVIA TV is a Google TV, Android TV, or other TV article.

    For Google TV:
    On the TV remote control, press and hold the Google Assistant/MIC (Microphone) button, and then speak.
    For Android TV:
    On the TV remote control, press the MIC (Microphone) or Google Assistant button, or on the HOME menu select Search or the microphone icon and then speak.

    To learn more about what Google Assistant can do, you can ask it What can you do? or read the What you can ask Google Assistant article for details.
    Note: Meet Google Assistant, now on Android TV (VIDEO).

    Q2: What is required in order to use Google Assistant function?

    1. An Android TV or Google TV
    2. A compatible remote control with a MIC button
    3. A Google account (For Android TV, it is required if you use the full function.)
    4. An Internet connection

    Q3: What can Google Assistant control on my TV?

    For details refer to the What you can ask Google Assistant article.