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XAV-9000ES | Mobile ES™ 6.75‘’ (17.1cm) High-Resolution Digital Media Receiver



XAV-9000ES Selected Video Transcript

The video starts by showing the cosmetic design of the XAV-9500ES and XAV-9000ES Mobile ES™ media receivers, followed by explanations of the visual and audio technology and the various features. The 10.1 inch high-definition display in the XAV-9500ES with optical gapless design realises less reflection and higher contrast, while the XAV-9000ES features a 6.75 inch anti-glare touchscreen.
To provide superior sound and connectivity, the following common technologies are adopted in both the XAV-95000ES and the
XAV-9000ES. The ESS D/A converter contributes to unprecedented dynamic range and low harmonic distortion, together with the low DCR choke coil, high polymer capacitors, and multi-layer polymer capacitors. The premium built-in 4-channel class A/B amplifier is incorporated for high-resolution audio playback even without utilising separate amplifiers. The anti-resonance dual-layer chassis works to minimise interference from electromagnetic noise. And for sound customisation, the 192 kHz / 24-bit DSP is adopted for pristine sound processing. This DSP realises 6-channel time alignment, 14-band EQ, channel-wise 8-band PEQ, 3-zone crossover, and bi-amp front 2-way speaker drive settings.

With the 3-camera trigger input feature, drivers can see the images of up to three connected cameras automatically switched by driving actions such as shifting the transmission lever or activating turn signals.

For installation flexibility, the XAV-9500ES features the 4-way adjustment for the display joint that covers 10-degree tilt, 0.78 inch depth, 1.18 inch height and 1 inch sideway settings. 

The GUI customisation allows users to change the home icon appearance order, while you can select a wallpaper from the four preset colours, plus two choices of your own still images.

The enhanced connectivity lets you enjoy seamless connection with your smartphone. In the United States, iDatalink® Maestro® compatibility and SiriusXM® Radio Ready are available.

Finally, the video gives a comparison shot of the XAV-9500ES and XAV-9000ES before ending.