Article ID : 00082624 / Last Modified : 27/06/2018

Sending images and MP4 movies from Handycam to the smartphone or tablet by one touch (one-touch sharing).

    Compatible devices:



    You can send the image to an NFC smartphone(*) with just one touch, without the need for complicated settings.

    * Although only smartphones are mentioned in the descriptions, the description applies also to tablets.

    1. Select [Settings] on the smartphone, then select [More...] to check that [NFC] is enabled.
      This procedure is required the first time only.
    2. On the camcorder, play back an image to be sent to the smartphone.
    3. Touch (N-mark) of this camcorder to (N-mark) of your smartphone.

      Canceling sleep and the screen lock of the smartphone beforehand.

      Make sure that the N-Mark is displayed on the screen of the camera

      Continue touching without moving until "PlayMemories Mobile" starts (1-2 seconds).

    4. The image transfer starts.

      The transferred images will be stored in Gallery/Album on an Android smartphone/tablet.


    • You cannot transfer AVCHD movies.
    • [Send to Smartphone] is not available when MP4 movies or still images have not been saved on Handycam.
    • This application is not guaranteed to work on all smartphones and tablets.
    • If you want to import images recorded on a memory card, insert the memory card to this product, and then select the memory card in [Media Select] (models with the internal memory).


    • For the latest supported OS, refer to the download page of PlayMemories Mobile.