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How to record an audio CD to the hard disk and register it to the playlist?

    Recording an audio CD to the hard disk and registering it to the playlist.

    The recorded songs are converted to audio files in the OpenMG format (files converted to the ATRAC3 format and encrypted in the OpenMG format), in the WMT format or in the WAV format.

    1. Insert the audio CD which contains the songs to be recorded into the DVD/CD-ROM drive.
    2. The recording window appears.
    3. Click Show List.
    4. Click CD Info.
    5. Obtain the information of the songs on the CD with one of the following methods.

    Note: These options are available only in SonicStage Ver.1.5.
    a. HDD CD database
    b. Internet CD Information service
    The information including the album names, the artist names and the titles (song names) is automatically registered to the song list of the audio CD.

    6. Click on any song that is not to be recorded to disable its song number.
    7. When necessary, change the format and the bit rate for recording by clicking Change CD Recording Format/Bit Rate.
    8. To record all songs, click Record All. To record a specific song, click Rec Selection.
    When songs recorded from the same audio CD from which have earlier been recorded some songs, click Rec Selection.
    Select whether to create a new playlist for those songs or to add them into an existing playlist, and click Start Recording.
    9. The recording of the audio CD starts and songs are automatically registered to the playlist.
    Click Play/Pause and the songs with the recording mark and the recorded songs can be played back.
    When recording is done in format other than the OpenMG (ATRAC3) or the OpenMG (ATRAC3plus) the songs cannot be played back during recording.